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The idea of the business came up in the year 1990 while Mr Sodeinde Olajide the Company CEO was working as a Litigation Officer at Chief J. A. Somefun & Co. ( solicitors and Advocates) . Then , there was a general scarcity of INDENTURE (agreement paper) for Law Chambers to prepare legal documents, which was the norms then. So, Mr Sodeinde decided to rescue the situation by venturing into production (printing) of branded indenture paper (the experience he gained while helping his Uncle- the printer) and selling it to his office at a reasonable price, and was later encouraged by Chief J.A. Somefun of blessed memory to sell to other Chambers and thereafter, supplying marketers at CMS Bookshop Lagos, and high court of Lagos. In the year 1999, during his NYSC service he came across producers of Lawyer's wig and gown from whom he learnt the art of wig making. In the year 2002 the company name was fully registered.
As at today, LUCKSONLEGAL STOCKS has grown in leaps and bounds with the coming on board of Mrs. Omolara Shodeinde as a Co - director.

1) We stock varieties of foreign legal accessories products from ENGLAND , UNITED KINGDOM. and other foreign countries .

Products from : EDE AND RAVENSCROFT, GIFTS FOR LAWYERS , STANLEY LEE, EDE-BAUER, HDR, TM LEWIS, e.t.c. COMPANIES are readily available at affordable prices. Such as: Ede Wig and Robe, Jacket \ Sleeve vest, Stripped Trousers, Stripped materials, Lace-stocks for judges, Ceremonial full bottom wig, Red scarlet robes and accessories, Bencher's wig and robes, Speaker's robes, Tunic shirts, Attorney General robes, Senior Advocate robe, Pilot suit cases, Cotton collars, studs, Bibs e.t.c.

2) We stock varieties of locally produce products made with the finest material of durable quality.

3) we equip library with books for both practice and research works.

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